Pre-owned and reconditioned

Sometimes, budgets can be too tight to invest in a new, custom high-frequency welding machine. REG’s contacts network, however, allows us to solve these issues just as brilliantly!

There’s no doubt that custom-made solutions, designed specifically for a Company’s application, always boast the highest performances, and have an easily measureable impact on productivity and result quality; this holds particularly true with high-frquency welding machines, where employing a finely calibrated device can make an enormous difference on the finished product. Such solutions, however, have significant costs, which sometimes garage1 Companies – especially during harder times – may not be able to afford.

In order to solve this understandable issue, and allow even Companies with more limited funds to purchase a high-quality radio-frequency welding machine, REG is in a position to retrieve second-hand welding machines from customers who are currently investing in newer devices to subsitute these previously installed ones, and verify and recondition them so that they can be offered to new customers in perfect working conditions, ready to give more excellent results.

Contact us today to see if we currently have a pre-owned, reconditioned high-frequency welding machine on hand, ready to be installed in your Company: just click here!