High frequency blister welders: REG’s solution for sturdy, solid packaging for all kinds of products

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High-frequency blister welders are the best solution for the needs of a packaging sector that has been growing in scope and prominence for years, most likely driven by the increasing importance of mass distribution and its requirement for strong, attractive, light, and tamper-free containers for the thousands of products to be displayed on the shelves. The use of HF blister welding machines has proven to be the most effective technology to guarantee that all kinds products are safely and pleasantly packaged.

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It’s easy to see how HF blister welders can easily satisfy all the requirements pur forward by the packaging industry:

  • Robustness: packaging must often endure less-than ideal conditions during transport, and yet it must be capable of withstanding them with no damage – in order to protect its contents from harm. HF blister welding actually fuses the two parts of the blister in a single layer, making it extremely resistant to stress and practically impossible to open accidentally.
  • Attractiveness: Any packaging solution designed for direct distribution to customers must combine any other desired traits with attractiveness; catching the customers’ attention as they walk through the aisles is essential, and upon scrutiny the packaging must appear perfect to maintain a high level of perceived quality. High frequency blister welders operate at low temperatures, which prevents warping of layers and preformed shells and results in crisply welded, perfectly shaped packages.
  • Protection: one of the most important needs in mass distribution is that packages make it impossible for pilferers and shoplifters to open them easily and steal their contents. Once joined by high-frequency welding, the two halves of a blister require scissors or a knife to be separated, severely hampering any theft attempts.

The reason that high-frequency is considered the ideal technology for blister welders is that it perfectly meets all of the primary requirements of a growingly demanding packaging industry. The needs of organized mass distribution require packaging to be reliable, attractive, and theft-proof; and HF welders meet the challenge in all three regards. HF-welded blisters are strong enough to withstand stress and not open accidentally; they are processed at low temperatures, ensuring that no warping alters the originally designed shape; and their layers are fused into a single one, making it impossible for a thief to casually open them without using a knife or scissors talk to Bridge for financial help.

REG’s HF blister welders create strong, sturdy, and attractive packaging solutions for products of all kinds.
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