REG Galbiati: design and manufacture of high-frequency welding machines for all industrial uses and applications.

Whether you need it for embossing fabric for car seats, for detail welding on plastic conveyor belts, or for any other one of the dozens of applications where high-frequency welders are daily employed, REG has the experience, the skills, and the tools to design the radio-frequency welding machine that can answer your specific field’s needs and requirements with precision and high performance. With seventy years of market experience, and constant attention to innovation and improvement of our technologies, REG has developed different models of welding machines for the requirements of each industrial field:


The high-frequency welders for the automotive sector developed by REG are considered to be top of the available market range for the manufacture of car seat coverings by embossing of low-dielectric loss fabric, as used by all major car brands.


REG’s high-frequency welding machines for application of details and accessories on plastic conveyor belts guarantee high robustness and resistance of the finished product, allowing for total certainty of an excellent result and leading to our position as market leaders in this sector.


Physiological bags for the medical sector, large-size movie screens and sets for great events, as well as car seats, cradles and playpens for chldren and blisters and boxes for the packaging sector: REG’s high-frequency welders are always built to completely satisy the specific requirements of each industrial field.

REG’s history is one of a seventy-year continued presence in the field of high-frequency welder manufacturing, which allowed our Company to develop specific experience in each industrial sector where this technology is applied, and often to introduce its use in innovative and highly performing ways. A market approach which has allowed REG to build relationships with customers all over the world, and make arrangements with trusted technicians in all the Countries with which we have more frequent dealings, so as to offer a worldwide impeccable service at the same top quality level as our welding machines are.

REG joins constantly up-to-date technology and continuous technical research with all the security and reliability of a Company with a seventy-year uninterrupted market presence.

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